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August 22, 2019 / / Digital Marketing

School is in session (or will be very soon for some!)  August is rushing past and September will be here very, very soon.

It’s time to get started planning your Marketing and Advertising Strategies for the holidays.

The early bird gets the worm!  Here are 5 things you can do right now to make sure your business is ready to heat up those sales this holiday season:

1.    Get Social

Social Media requires consistency to reach an audience.  Now is the time to crank up the activity on the Social sties that best suit your business.  Start growing your followers with targeted advertising, send weekly emails with useful information to your customer database and invite them to watch your Social accounts for sales and promotion updates. read more

Summer 2019 is flying by us!  July 4 is this week and Americans are getting ready to celebrate.

There is still time for your business to get in on the action and plan some fun events, either online or in person.

The 4th of July is a big holiday for retailers and service providers.  Even if you don’t sell items related to the holiday, you can still capitalize on the festivities with a fantastic marketing campaign.  Generate updates related to popular topics or events, share fireworks or parade schedules in your area, offer a patriotic item as a gift for all customers leading up to July 4th, etc. read more

March 6, 2019 / / Digital Marketing

According to a study done by eMarketer, spending on digital advertising will outpace that of traditional marketing this year.  Digital ad spending is projected to be about $130 billion or about 54% of total advertising dollars. Traditional advertising, including TV, magazines and newspapers will total about $109 billion.

It is probably no surprise that the biggest players in digital advertising are Facebook and Google with a combined market share of 60 percent.  However, Amazon continues to challenge these giants with an expected ad growth of more than 50% in 2019. Notably, mobile advertising will continue its rise with its share of digital ad spending, totaling around $87 billion. read more

January 14, 2019 / / Content Marketing

Facebook Marketing for many was rough in 2018.  With the data breaches, privacy issues, people shutting down their accounts, and the algorithm changes it was tough getting business messages in front of an audience.

However, if you implemented a few key themes your updates may have retained a reach and kept your audience engaged.

 Buffer and BuzzSumo conducted a major study to determine the type of content that kept Facebook users captivated.  The study combed through 777 million Facebook posts and then took a closer look at the top 500 most popular posts of 2018. read more

December 12, 2018 / / Social Media Marketing

You may think your services are too boring or uninteresting to promote on Social Media.

Social Media is fun, its funny, and its interesting.  It just doesn’t seem possible to make heating and air conditioning services, a laundromat, or concrete flooring fun, funny, or interesting.

But it is!

If your products don’t inspire people, if they are a required necessity that is not very exciting you can still have a fun, funny, and interesting Social Media Campaign that will attract, engage, and convert an audience. read more

Local home service companies have always relied on the phone book and mailers to gain new customers and generate leads.  This has worked great, but the game has changed.

Facebook marketing and advertising has better pricing, better reach and better results than any other advertising source.  Facebook Ads reach 89% of the intended audience, most other online advertising only reaches 38% of the intended audience.1
  • 74% of consumers rely on Social Media for more information or reviews about the products/services they want to purchase.2
  • 71% of consumers have an improved perception of brands when they see positive reviews on Social Media.3
  • 81% of people said they are influenced by what their friends share on Social Media.4

Your business simply must have an active Social Media presence.

The New SEO

Additionally, given the fact that there are usually several other HVAC companies in any given area it is important to be more visible online.  SEO becomes an important criteria for HVAC business owners.  Hiring companies to increase their SEO, optimize their websites or pay for Google AdWords. read more

71% of consumers who have a good experience with a business’ Social Media are more likely to recommend that business to others.

Create a strong Social Media Marketing strategy and run an effective campaign.

Here are 6 things you should be doing to achieve Social Success:

1.    Research Updates and Changes

Social Media moves at a fast pace, there are changes to the platforms frequently.  It is necessary to keep up with the latest news and information in order to modify your strategy to fit the new requirements.  If you don’t keep up with changes your campaign may end up being a waste of time. read more

April 19, 2018 / / Consumer Marketing

According to the US Census Bureau, there are 28 million local businesses in the United States.

A study of over 6,000 local online US consumers was conducted to show how consumers find, choose, and interact with local businesses.  In addition to indicating what consumers would most like to see from local businesses.

Key Findings

  • 82% of consumers use local businesses.
  • 48% of consumers plan to increase their use of local businesses.
  • 96% of consumers think local businesses offer more personalized services.
  • 75% of consumers say revies give a business the competitive advantage.
  • 86% of consumers are willing to leave a review if they had a positive experience.
  • Only 7% of consumers are asked to leave a review.

The Personal Touch Matters

While 77% of consumers believe that national chains have more competitive pricing, 72% are willing to pay more in order to use a local business and receive more “quality work.”  96% of local businesses do beat the national chains when it comes to personalizing services. read more

April 9, 2018 / / Facebook

I realized that Facebook would be a gamechanger for marketing when I joined. As with most folks, I added the information that I was comfortable sharing.  For example, I indicated that I was a bird watcher and artist.

When I opened my news feed and found an ad for a birding event in my area.  I called a friend, who hadn’t heard about the event. We decided to go.  Later, there was an ad for a company called Cheap Joe’s. It offered art supplies at discounted prices.  I bought a tube of paint and have been a satisfied customer ever since.  Without Facebook, I may never have known about these things. I understood that I was “targeted.” I am okay with that type of targeting. read more

January 11, 2018 / / INFOGRAPHIC

We are nearly halfway through the first month of the new year. Vacations have ended, holiday celebrations are over, it’s time to get to work.

Make 2018 the year your business finally masters Social and Digital Marketing and Advertising.  It’s time to take this seriously and leverage the online tools to your business’ advantage.

If you still have not accepted Social Media or Digital Media marketing, here are a few reasons why you need to change your mind:

Choose Social Networks that work for your audience, if your targeted customers are using Facebook you need to use Facebook.  If your audience is a younger crowd using Snapchat, your business needs to use Snapchat. read more