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August 14, 2019 / / Pinterest

Move over Halloween Margarita recipes, home décor ideas, and knitting projects, make room for automobile sales.

Oracle Data Cloud (ODC) analyzed new vehicle registration data and found Pinterest users were 28% more likely than non-Pinterest users to buy a new vehicle within the first 90 days of its release.

Additionally, Pinners were 31% more likely to buy a new SUV model after its release.

Pinterest by the Numbers

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more. read more

September 5, 2018 / / Pinterest

Believe it or not, Pinterest is one of the most effective marketing platforms out there.  While most companies focus on Facebook, which works great for brand awareness and engagement, using an image-based platform is just as important.

Pinterest Facts1

  • Pins have a long pin life.
  • On average Pins are re-Pinned at least 10 times.
  • The average Pin on Pinterest drives 2 website visits.
  • 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest.
  • The average Pin on Pinterest earns roughly 78 cents in sales.
  • 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because they saw it on Pinterest.
  • 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan their purchases.
  • Pinterest users who interact with a Promoted Pin spend 7x more.
  • Pinterest users who interact with a Promoted Pin have a 50% higher intent to purchase.

Business Benefits for Using Pinterest2

  • Advertisers receive around 20% more clicks the month following the launch of a Promoted Pin ad campaign.
  • 70% of sales from Promoted Pins are from new customers.
  • Orders from Pinterest on a mobile device have increased by 140% since 2013.

While Facebook’s current News Feed algorithm is designed to show posts that are current and relevant, the lifespan of a post is short, which means it will own show to a certain number of people (based on if they are on the platform the time the post is updated, if they follow your Page, etc.) read more

July 13, 2018 / / Social Media
  • 83% of Facebook users are female.1
  • 75% of Facebook users are male.1
  • 91% of Social Media users access Social accounts via mobile devices.2
  • 79% of American internet users are using Facebook, making it the most widely used Social Media platform.3
  • Pinterest drives 25% of all retail website referral traffic.4
  • 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan or make purchases.5
  • Snapchat reaches 41% of 18 to 34-year-olds in the US each day.6
  • 71% of consumers who have a good experience with a business on Social Media are more likely to recommend that business to others.7
  • Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to be shared on Social Media than any other content.8
  • In 2015, Facebook influenced 52% of online AND offline purchases.9
  • 94% of consumers do research online before visiting a store10


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https://www.dreamgrow.com/21-social-media-marketing-statistics/ read more

June 28, 2018 / / Social Media

Around 7 out of 10 Americans use Social Media. They use the Social platforms to get their news, share information, connect with friends and family, and for entertainment.

Pew Research Center began tracking Social Media usage in 2005. At that time, 13 years ago, only 5% of American adults used Social Media.

Social Media usage by American adults is now at 69%. This is a marketing and advertising medium businesses can no longer ignore.

Social Media usage by adults in the USA:

  • 73% use YouTube.
  • 68% use Facebook.
  • 35% use Instagram.
  • 29% use Pinterest.
  • 25% use LinkedIn.
  • 24% use Twitter.

Break down of the top three platforms and usage as follows. read more

March 29, 2017 / / Pinterest

Even Pinterest CEO, Ben Silbermann, wants you to stop treating Pinterest like a Social Network.  Pinned items aren’t inherently there to be shared; rather, Silbermann says, they’re a kind of bookmark that people use as ways of filing and organizing their lives.

Pinterest is a “catalog of ideas” that has a different objective than a Social Network site.  Social Networks are used to share information with other people to like, where Pinterest is a site where you like and save things that are of interest to you and you alone, it is self-serving. read more

Do you instantly think of Millennials or a younger crowd when you think Social Media?  If you do, you would be incorrect to assume this group were Social Media fanatics.

A recent Nielsen report released this past January revealed that Gen Xers were more obsessed with Social Media than Millennials.

Adults 35 to 49 spent an average of 6 hours and 58 minutes a week on the Social Networks compared to only 6 hours and 19 minutes by their younger counterparts.

Sean Casey, the president of Nielsen’s social division, said the finding initially surprised him because “the going thought is that social is vastly owned by the younger generation.” read more

January 12, 2017 / / INFOGRAPHIC

Pew Research Center has released their latest findings on Social Media usage.  They report that, today around seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information, and entertain themselves.

Pew Research Center began tracking Social Media data in 2005.  At that time, only 5% of Americans were using Social Networks.  Six years later, in 2011, the number rose to 50% and today they report that 69% of the public uses some type of Social Media. read more

August 18, 2016 / / Pinterest
  • 74% of all internet traffic will be video in 2017.
  • 52% of marketing professionals worldwide list video as content that provides the best ROI
  • 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales and communication

Really, of all the Social Networks it would seem Pinterest would have been on board with native video ads much sooner.  In the last year videos on the site have increased 60%.

With workout videos, beauty instruction, fashion it makes absolute sense that videos are becoming popular on Pinterest.

Because of the interest and popularity of video, Pinterest has just added a new option which allows businesses to use video for marketing purposes.  Called “Promoted Video” this offers businesses the ability to expand the video and offer a separate tab that lists relevant products below the video content. See how it works in the video below: read more

June 13, 2016 / / Snapchat

Snapchat just secured its spot in the Social Media Top 3, surpassing Twitter and lining up right behind Facebook and Instagram (a Facebook owned platform.)

In just 4 years Snapchat has reached 150 million daily users.  Just 6 months ago Snapchat was reporting 110 million users.

It took Facebook 5 years to meet this milestone and currently Twitter only has 136 million daily active users.  (Though Twitter does not officially disclose daily active user numbers, they have previously stated that 44% of their 310 million active users monthly use the site daily, which equals 136 million.) read more

March 14, 2016 / / Pinterest

For the last 18 months Pinterest has been beta testing Ads.  Last week they opened up advertising to all small and midsize companies in the United States.

They have also expanded the ad-buying tool, Promoted Pins Ads Manager, by increasing the targeting options from 30 interests to 420 interests.  Brands using the Promoted Pins could only select from 30 user interests from a broad category, such as Food or Beauty and Fashion.

“Now targeting is more specific, with marketers able to buy ads against phrases such as “healthy food,” “sustainable architecture” and “street-style fashion.” (AdWeek) read more