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August 22, 2019 / / Digital Marketing

School is in session (or will be very soon for some!)  August is rushing past and September will be here very, very soon.

It’s time to get started planning your Marketing and Advertising Strategies for the holidays.

The early bird gets the worm!  Here are 5 things you can do right now to make sure your business is ready to heat up those sales this holiday season:

1.    Get Social

Social Media requires consistency to reach an audience.  Now is the time to crank up the activity on the Social sties that best suit your business.  Start growing your followers with targeted advertising, send weekly emails with useful information to your customer database and invite them to watch your Social accounts for sales and promotion updates. read more

August 27, 2018 / / Consumer Marketing

Twenty years may seem a long time to our younger readers, but for many of us, the years have flown by and it doesn’t seem possible that Y2k was almost 20 years ago.

During that time the marketing landscape has changed dramatically, catching many business owners off guard. In 2000 the advertising was largely done on network television, radio, print newspapers and magazines. Not every company believed they needed a Website.

In 2018 media consumption is on platforms that didn’t exist in 2000, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Some people have not only stopped watching network TV, but some have also eschewed cable to spend their time on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. While Yellow Pages were alive and well at the turn of the last century, most people now search for businesses on digital media. Furthermore, visits to stores are being replaced by online shopping. Smart phones are often where purchases are made. read more

August 27, 2018 / / Consumer Marketing

Social Media, Email, and Video Marketing Should Work WITH your Other Marketing Efforts

If you want the best results from your Social and Digital marketing and advertising efforts, incorporating your online efforts with offline efforts will help you achieve success.  It doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) one or the other.

Defining a strategy that uses content both online and offline will help ensure your success.

  • When sending out a postcard, run a few Facebook Ads to the same zip codes at the time the postcards should hit consumers’ mailboxes.
  • Coupon Mailers should also offer a reason for people to visit your Social Accounts and/or your website.
  • When sending out mailers or advertising in a local magazine mailer, send out an email blast referencing the mailer and offering a special or discount.
  • Target a specific audience that will be receiving a mailer with Social updates and offer a special discount.
  • Post a discount in your physical location, when customers follow your Social Account they will receive a discount at that visit.
  • Offer an incentive/discount/special coupon on Social Media encouraging followers to visit your physical location or website.

Don’t spend all your budget on one thing, incorporate several methods to advertise and marketing your business both online and offline to maximize effects and get the most bang from your budget. read more

February 2, 2016 / / Content Marketing

Understand Your Product

No matter how conversant you are with your products and/or services, you probably are not “selling” what you think you are. For example, if you are selling replacement windows, you are not selling a simple window – you may be selling a way for homeowners to save money on energy bills, or allowing a better view out the window, or a way to keep a draft out of a child’s room.  In other words, you are selling the benefits of your products.

Understand Your Customer

Once you have articulated the benefits of your products, it is time to target the people, who will be interested in those features.  For example, if you are selling windows, it might be smart to target people with older homes, or at least have an argument ready for new homeowners, who are allocating most of their funds to furnishing and decorating a new home. read more

August 12, 2015 / / Social Media

When Social Media Marketing first entered the scene there were a few industries that thought they could never participate in marketing on the Social Sites due to privacy issues and other regulations.

Medical facilities and physicians were among these industries.  Many thought that it would infringe upon patient’s rights and privacy.  What they did not understand is that a solid Marketing plan, focusing on the foundation of the organization would be an asset to their operation.

Studies have recently shown that the younger generation is more likely to go on-line to get answers for general health questions and 60% of Social Media users trust Social Media updates related to health and wellness. read more

July 19, 2015 / / Facebook

Move over Like Button and make room for the Buy Button.

Facebook doesn’t just want you to socialize, share and discover new things, it wants to help you shop and buy what you need and want.

Facebook is currently testing shops within Facebook Pages.  These are “essentially mini e-commerce sites” (BuzzFeed News) within a Facebook Business Page.  While still in the testing phase there are some Business Pages that have the “buy” button.  This allows the “entire shopping experience to occur within Facebook – from product discovery to checkout.”  (BuzzFeed News) read more

  • 47% of Small Businesses don’t actively use Social Media
  • 25% of Small Businesses have no future plans to use Social Media
  • 53% of Small Businesses that do use Social Media plan to devote more time and money to their Social Marketing

Research firm Clutch polled small businesses of varying sizes to determine Social Media use and importance in Small Business.

If you are one of the small businesses who have no interest in Social Media your business is missing a great opportunity.  Your customers are using Social Media, your potential customers are using Social Media and your competitors are using Social Media.

This means that your competitors are likely grabbing customers that potentially could have been yours.  Not using Social Media when your competitors are basically translates to giving them business, while you lose it. read more

July 15, 2015 / / Social Media

There is no shortage of blogs explaining the importance of Social Media Marketing and Advertising.  Everywhere you turn you are told how crucial Marketing on the Social sites is.  Most marketers agree that it is one of the best ways to grow a business, and they have the statistics to back that up.

Still, some companies just don’t get it.  They cling to their old way of doing business, and are not easily swayed by statistics or real world examples.  They don’t really understand how it works, are a little suspicious of something that started out as a place to rate pretty girls and catch up with high school chums.  They still feel that the only marketing that works is one that bombards people with sales messages.  When they do join social sites, they may hire someone, but soon become upset that the posts are not all about their products and their special offers.  If they do it themselves, they are disillusioned because their overt sales messages don’t get the sales they had hoped for. read more

Social Media has been around for a few years now.  However, for many business owners, it is still a foreign concept. They understand traditional marketing.  They add their name and maybe pay for an ad in the local telephone book; pay for a commercial on television or use a radio spot; they pay to have a postcard designed and mailed to random people, based on their zip codes.  This is “tried and true” marketing and they are comfortable with it. Thy understand how to track their ROI, even when the ROI is falling. read more