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April 16, 2019 / / Facebook

Facebook announced today, they are working to make advertising on the platform easier and more successful for all businesses.  Thus, they are updating their core business tools, Ads Manager and Business Manager.

The changes will rollout through the year “to help businesses quickly create, manage and analyze ad campaigns.” (Facebook)

Ads Manager Updates

  • New features within the Ads Manager will include:
  • Streamlined Navigation
  • Integrated Search Bar and Filter Bar
  • Nested Campaign View

The campaign creation tools will also be updated with a new copy and paste function that will offer more flexibility when creating and building ads.  There will also be an auto-naming feature that will make it quicker for businesses to customize campaigns, ad sets, and ad names. read more

August 12, 2015 / / Social Media

When Social Media Marketing first entered the scene there were a few industries that thought they could never participate in marketing on the Social Sites due to privacy issues and other regulations.

Medical facilities and physicians were among these industries.  Many thought that it would infringe upon patient’s rights and privacy.  What they did not understand is that a solid Marketing plan, focusing on the foundation of the organization would be an asset to their operation.

Studies have recently shown that the younger generation is more likely to go on-line to get answers for general health questions and 60% of Social Media users trust Social Media updates related to health and wellness. read more

Social Media Marketing is more than just setting up a Facebook Page or Twitter account and posting updates when you have the time.  It is also not a forum for the direct sales pitch.  It is a powerful tool that when used correctly can create leads and sales for your business.

In order to reap the benefits of Social Media Marketing there are 4 areas that must be considered.

Strategy – Developing a solid strategy or “game plan” is the key to any worthwhile endeavor.  And while the ultimate goal may be sales, the using social sites to “pitch” your products will probably backfire.  Social Media is not the place for direct sales. A winning strategy generates leads by involving the audience. This requires interesting, well-planned content. read more

October 15, 2014 / / Digital Marketing

When we started talking to business owners about on-line Social Networking in 2007, we believed that in order to maintain the authenticity needed to successfully engage with their customers, the owners needed to run the campaigns themselves. We spent most of our time training them, giving presentations and answering their questions.

Over the next few years, new social sites cropped up, current ones were revamped, and the “Social Space” got more crowded. It became harder for small companies to stand out or compete. Large companies had the big budgets to add Social Staff or outsource to large marketing agencies. Social Media Marketing became a mainstream endeavor, best handled by professionals. read more

August 26, 2013 / / Blogging

When I was a first-grader, I was fascinated when my teacher told us that the most stable stool has three legs.  A two-legged stool will fall over, and four-legged stools  sometimes wobble. But a three-legged stool will always have all three legs on the ground.

Inbound Marketing Strategy is like a Three-legged stool

Inbound marketing reminds me of that three-legged stool.  A digital marketing program needs at least three sturdy legs – each of equal “length” or importance – in order to support a company.

Leg #1.   Website. Even for “brick and mortar” companies, the website is their virtual storefront (or virtual headquarters).  With all of the technology changes, and changes in the way people wish to interact with websites, companies that have not upgraded their sites within the past year or two may be losing customers.  For example, if a company’s site is not mobile-friendly, does not open quickly, and has not replaced older coding technology (e.g.  Flash), an ever-increasing segment of customers and potential customers will at best think the company is not up-to-date, and at worst, just go to the next site. Also, if the site has not been well-optimized for the new Google guidelines, it may not show up in Google searches. read more