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August 14, 2019 / / LinkedIn

Though most engagement occurs on a more personal level on LinkedIn, it is still important to make sure your business page on LinkedIn has the necessary information for people to learn more about your business.

Here are 6 tips to get your Business listing in order and start leveraging it for potential new business.

1.    Update & Edit Business Info

Ensure the information about your business is up-to-date and accurate.  Your listing should include a link to your website, the business phone number, contact information, and all other information using the fields LinkedIn provides. read more

February 4, 2019 / / Google Plus

As we reported in October 2018, Google is phasing out it’s Social Networking Platform, Google +.

Businesses need to understand that just because Google + is no longer an option for marketing, branding, and improving SEO, there is an alternative.

Google My Business

Introduced in 2014, Google rolled out a way to manage a Business Profile (or at the time it was called a Business Listing.)  The Google My Business dashboard provided a basic homepage with an info page and an insights page.

However, now that Google + is no longer a Social Marketing option, Google My Business has improved the dashboard and now provides several new features that will help businesses manage their Google information and post updates. read more

July 24, 2018 / / Digital Marketing

Over 2.1 million negative1 mentions about businesses are made on Social Media every day in the U.S and nearly half of all digital buyers worldwide2 state reading reviews, comments, and feedback on Social Media influences their shopping behavior.

Managing your online reputation is just as important as sending out postcard of coupons or posting a sales special on Facebook.

Your reputation on social media revolves around the community you build and the content you publish.3

Improving Your Online Reputation

Tip #1: Listen Socially

In order to improve and maintain your online reputation you need to monitor Social Media for mentions of your business, also known as “Social Listening.”  This allows you to gauge how others view your products and perceive your business. read more

March 9, 2017 / / Video Marketing

Video is a crucial, necessary, and important part of any marketing strategy.  In fact, brands who use videos as part of their “ecommerce experience” state that those videos contribute a 6% to 30% increase in sales and also contribute to a boost in conversion rates.

Data also suggests that consumers who watch a video online are 46% more likely to research the products they see in the video and more than 50% of consumers use video on their smartphone in order to make purchasing decisions.   Generation Y shoppers are 264% more likely to share product videos when shopping online. read more

August 22, 2016 / / Marketing

According to an article in Bloomberg News, Prime Time television viewership of the 2016 Olympics was down about 17% compared to the 2012 Olympics.  The decline for 18-49 year-olds was down 25%.

Even though NBC charged about 50% more for advertising on their streaming Internet content, revenue was still down significantly from four years ago.

The bad news for advertisers is that their commercials were seen by far fewer people than was promised. The even worse news for NBC may be that they have spent a lot of money to get broadcast rights for the Olympics through 2032. Both advertisers and NBC are left with the question of what to do next. read more

April 22, 2016 / / Facebook

Alignable  is an online networking site where small business owners gather to make connections, build meaningful relationships and collaborate to move their businesses forward.

They recently polled more than 1,200 of their users to see how they use Facebook for marketing.  Participating companies were located in North America, with fewer than 50 employees, encompassing both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies, with even representation.

Alignable found that Facebook was the “social network for local businesses.” It is where small and mid-sized businesses have the most success.  The top two areas of success for these businesses on Facebook are generating awareness and generating new business. read more

September 28, 2015 / / Facebook

Facebook made some exciting announcements today at New York’s 12th Advertising Week, which gathers the world’s largest advertisers and companies. Facebook said that it now has 2.5 million advertisers on the site and total active advertisers are up 25% since February 2015.

In addition to the milestone, Facebook also announced some four new updates to its advertising platform.  The updates are aimed at increasing the reach and attention for brands due to increased mobile connections.

The updates include: read more

September 4, 2015 / / Branding

Yet another piece of information you didn’t know you didn’t know. At the dawn of the Internet, there needed to be a way to define websites better than the numeric IP addresses originally used to name them.  In 1998 the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) service was tasked with worldwide authority to release and monitor alphabetic domain names.

In the 1980’s, there were only three designations that were open to the general public: .com, .net, and .org).  By 2002, four more were released to the public: .biz, .info, .name, and .pro. However, the .com designation became the preferred extension for businesses, since from the beginning most people identified the .com as the extension for commercial websites. read more

September 11, 2014 / / Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media to market a business is no longer an option for companies that wish to remain competitive. Most business owners have neither the time nor the energy to run a successful Social Media program. Having an experienced Social Media Marketer, who understands how to use Social Media, keeps up with the latest  platforms and knows how and when to use them is the key to a successful campaign.  However, hiring a full time employee may be cost prohibitive for many companies.

Outsourcing is often the best option. Because a good Social Media Marketer can handle several accounts simultaneously (by using various tools and apps)  her services are far more economical for most business owners.  However, even with a dedicated Social Media Marketer,  the business owner must accept a certain level of responsibility and control. read more