Local home service companies have always relied on the phone book and mailers to gain new customers and generate leads.  This has worked great, but the game has changed.

Facebook marketing and advertising has better pricing, better reach and better results than any other advertising source.  Facebook Ads reach 89% of the intended audience, most other online advertising only reaches 38% of the intended audience.1

  • 74% of consumers rely on Social Media for more information or reviews about the products/services they want to purchase.2
  • 71% of consumers have an improved perception of brands when they see positive reviews on Social Media.3
  • 81% of people said they are influenced by what their friends share on Social Media.4

Your business simply must have an active Social Media presence.

The New SEO

Additionally, given the fact that there are usually several other HVAC companies in any given area it is important to be more visible online.  SEO becomes an important criteria for HVAC business owners.  Hiring companies to increase their SEO, optimize their websites or pay for Google AdWords.

Social Media now drives more traffic to websites than search.5

However, Social Media Pages generally rank higher than websites in Search Engine results6, the caveat is that the accounts are active and provide useful information.

Service Listings

Facebook has also begun to develop their own Professional Service Listings, taking direct aim at Angie’s List, Google and Yelp.  Each of the companies are listed in a specific order.  While Facebook’s ranking system is not completely clear, it appears to list out companies that have more active Facebook Pages (updates, engagement, friend count, etc.) as well as being customized to each user’s interests (as recognized by Facebook.)  It also appears that results are sorted based on user’s interactions with the Business Pages or reviews left by their personal connections on Facebook. Read more about this here.

You Get What You Pay For

While you may think because Facebook is free you can set up an account easily and have it take off.  Maybe you think that hiring an intern or a service that posts updates a couple times here and there will work out just fine.  Cheap marketing will get you cheap results.  However, it doesn’t have to break your budget.

The beauty of Social Media is that it is very effective, but also very affordable.

Social Media requires a defined strategy and constant updating, activity and monitoring.  Hiring a professional to take care of this for you is the smart thing to do.

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