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July 25, 2016 / / Digital Marketing

The 2016 Election has definitely become all about Social Media.  In past presidential races candidates who took a more progressive and innovative approach toward campaigning were often criticized.  Candidates who were innovative in their approach toward campaigning were the winners in the end.

Franklin Roosevelt was one of the first innovators of his time with radio broadcasts, his fireside chats are legendary and were a game-changer.  He used the most cutting edge technology of the time to reach millions of people. read more

May 27, 2016 / / Facebook

Local home service companies have always relied on the phone book and mailers to gain new customers and generate leads.  This has worked great, but the game has changed.

Facebook marketing and advertising has better pricing, better reach and better results than any other advertising source.  Facebook Ads reach 89% of the intended audience, most other online advertising only reaches 38% of the intended audience.1

  • 74% of consumers rely on Social Media for more information or reviews about the products/services they want to purchase.2
  • 71% of consumers have an improved perception of brands when they see positive reviews on Social Media.3
  • 81% of people said they are influenced by what their friends share on Social Media.4

Your business simply must have an active Social Media presence.

The New SEO

Additionally, given the fact that there are usually several other HVAC companies in any given area it is important to be more visible online.  SEO becomes an important criteria for HVAC business owners.  Hiring companies to increase their SEO, optimize their websites or pay for Google AdWords. read more

January 28, 2016 / / Facebook

WGN Morning News in Chicago apparently knows that their newscasters need to be using Facebook to generate engagement and interest.   Based on the update from their morning weatherman, Paul Conrad, they take Social Media pretty seriously.

Today, Mr. Conrad posted a cute little video with the following update,

“For those of you who think I have a heart of stone, please watch this adorable baby sneeze and say “Oh No!” Not only will it warm your heart, it will increase my Social Media Score in the office which will hopefully make my bosses at WGN Morning News think better of me as a human and more importantly as an employee.
Then, after watching this, click the “Share” button below and send it to your mother, neighbor, grandmother…anyone and tell them to share it with everyone on the planet, because that will help me too. Also, if you comment at the bottom of this article, it will show that I am engaging with my facebook followers. That is what they really want. So, if you even just put the word Poo in the comment section…I will still get credit. Ok…There you go. Thanks and I love you so very dearly and am thankful to you for kindness. Big Smooch— Paul” read more

January 1, 2016 / / Advertising

It’s a new year, time to sit down and reflect on business goals and strategies.

Here are 16 suggestions for success in 2016.

  • Verify website is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Optimize website monthly.
  • Publish a blog to website (weekly if possible).
  • Send a monthly newsletter.
  • Provide a monthly sales special or promotion.
  • Recognize the importance of online branding and visibility.
  • Reassess offline marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Shift SEO budget to Social efforts.
  • Invest more budget in Social Media.
  • Run Facebook Ads.
  • Publish updates to Social Accounts 1 to 3 times daily.
  • Spend more time on Social Media.
  • Provide Customer Service resources on Social Accounts.
  • Use Social Media to enhance other marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Become a “social” business.
  • Hire a professional Social Marketer to assist with these resolutions.
  • read more

    October 15, 2014 / / Digital Marketing

    When we started talking to business owners about on-line Social Networking in 2007, we believed that in order to maintain the authenticity needed to successfully engage with their customers, the owners needed to run the campaigns themselves. We spent most of our time training them, giving presentations and answering their questions.

    Over the next few years, new social sites cropped up, current ones were revamped, and the “Social Space” got more crowded. It became harder for small companies to stand out or compete. Large companies had the big budgets to add Social Staff or outsource to large marketing agencies. Social Media Marketing became a mainstream endeavor, best handled by professionals. read more

    When I was a kid, I watched reruns of an old 1950’s TV show (in black and white!)  It was called Father Knows Best.  Jim Anderson was an insurance agent and the show was set in “Small Town America.”  Jim walked to work (I always imagined that he had a storefront office on Main Street). He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, was deeply involved with this community and seemed to know just about everyone in town. Mr. Anderson understood the power of Social Networking.

    The end of the 20th century saw marketing change to favor “big business.”  Impersonal online insurance agencies, mass marketing techniques and the decline of “cold calling” and Do Not Call lists made it difficult for independent agents to compete or stand out. read more

    May 8, 2014 / / Facebook

    Audience Insights - Facebook

    Marketing is all about delivering the right messages to the right audience at the right time.  Facebook For Business has just announced yet another enhancement to their platform that will deliver even more granular customer information to anyone advertising on this platform.

    Audience Insights makes it possible to view an audience by age, gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status, job role and household size, and also by where they live and what language they speak.  Audience Insights will also track Facebook usage – how often people log into Facebook and what devices they use to do it, along with which categories of Pages they like (restaurants, sports, etc.)  Even more impressive is the feature that allows marketers to track purchase behavior, what and how they buy (For Example: online or in-store). read more

    A recent blog we read told us that we should NOT use Social Media if we want to sell our stuff. The idea was that you should get to know people personally, help solve their problems and if you never make a dime, you will be more respected. Sounds good. But for most of us, making those dimes is what keeps us in business (and eating … and paying our rent).

    While the strategies involved in “inbound” or social media marketing are slightly different than traditional marketing, it is still marketing.  If your participation will not be at least one reason people buy from you, why would you waste your time, effort and money? read more

    As marketers, we look at a lot of websites and social media sites.  After a (very unscientific) review, we have found that companies seem to fall into several categories when it comes to their social media  efforts, which could answer the question:  Why are some companies succeeding while others are not?

    The Pretend Facebooker.  The “F” icon is on the website, but there is no Facebook Page.

    Many DIY website templates have social media icons in the design. However, if the links are not added, clicking on the little blue F does no good. read more

    Your customers may not have changed…

    But the way they make their buying decisions has.

    • 85% say Social Networks help them decide what to purchase (IBM Study)
    • Companies that blog enjoy 97% more leads than those that don’t. (Hubspot)

    Today people are looking for products and services on the Internet – they are reading blogs, using Search Engines and spending a lot of time on the social sites. They want to know which companies their friends “like.”  They are hungry for information to validate their buying decisions. In fact, based on a recent Google study, 88% of consumers research before they buy, consulting an average of 10.4 sources.

    Marketing success is a moving target. What worked last year – or even last month or last week – may not work today. read more