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May 31, 2017 / / Instagram

Only 1 in 4 small businesses are using Instagram.  In fact, of the 3 out of 4 not using Instagram, a third don’t use any Social Media at all.

Instagram has over 700 million monthly users, and currently has 300 million users per day.  Whether you like it or not, Instagram is here to stay and if you run a business or manage a marketing department you need to reconsider devoting some time to this network for the future success of the business.

Marketing on Instagram is different and produces different results, but instead of focusing on driving organic traffic to your website or paying for advertising, spending some time and budget on running a daily marketing campaign on the site can benefit your business. read more

March 16, 2017 / / Instagram

While Instagram isn’t my “go-to” for marketing, it can be beneficial to a Marketing Strategy.  I personally love the freedom and creativity we can display for our clients with Instagram.  It makes marketing fun and interesting.

Recently, it was announced that Instagram had better engagement (likes) and content sharing than Facebook.  Engagement with businesses on Instagram are 10 times higher than on Facebook.  While I don’t recommend using Instagram exclusively for a Marketing Strategy it can be a great tool to add to your marketing arsenal. read more

June 2, 2016 / / Facebook

Instagram, a Facebook-owned platform has just announced new features to entice smaller businesses to advertise there.  The new “Instagram Business Tools” will allow users to talk to companies on the app, and will offer companies the opportunity to view the engagement and performance metrics for its content. Companies can also promote posts (similar to Facebook) directly through the app.

Why Should Small Businesses Care?

Instagram allows companies to showcase their products in a visually appealing way and has over 400 million monthly active users. While this number pales compared to Facebook’s 1.5 billion users, it is significant because Instagram adds even more data to Facebook’s already enormous stockpile of information on its users. This information is made available to marketers, who use it to find customers. read more

March 16, 2016 / / Instagram

Instagram is currently blowing the minds of most of its users with their latest news.  On Tuesday, while some of us were voting, Instagram announced that it will begin using an algorithm-based feed.  This algorithm will sort photos to show at top of the users’ feeds based on the moments that users care about.

Online networks are growing, the amount of data streaming in feeds can be overwhelming, making these changes a necessity.  Facebook switched to an algorithm to filter its News Feeds in 2009 and Twitter recently introduced the “popular tweets” to the top of feeds.  The Instagram feed is next to be updated. read more