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Back in 2006 we were asked to speak to a group of business owners looking to find ways to expand their reach and grow their companies.  We gave our very first presentation on how Social Media would be the next “big thing” and would be an important marketing and advertising resource in the business world.

Four years later, after giving countless presentations and marketing for innovative business owners, a large national insurance company called us and hired us to manage the Social Media Marketing for all of their agents in northern Illinois.

Here we are, 10 years after our first presentation, successfully marketing and advertising for our clients on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.  With over 86% of online adults using Social Sites – it is a necessity for any organization looking to improve their bottom line.

Our team provides your business with the strategy needed to win on Social Media.  Each of our clients receives a dedicated Social Media Manager to provide full-service marketing, advertising and management services.

Even though we aren’t a huge ad agency we can provide your company with Fortune 500 level service and dedication.  Our clients receive customized campaigns that are built around their goals.  We help build your brand and provide the services necessary to leverage SEO, create awareness and help generate revenue and grow your customer base.

We have been building our Social Media services and expanding our experience and knowledge. We are now experts in the field.  We have helped numerous companies in a variety of industries across the country…

Now let us help your business!

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Laura Donovan is the President of The Word Pro, Inc. a digital marketing company specializing in Social Media Marketing and Advertising. While staying current on best practices and protocols of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, Laura is also constantly researching new platforms and new ideas in the area of inbound marketing.

Laura has been running successful Social Media Campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses since 2008. Her goal for her clients is to maximize their exposure on the social sites to generate website traffic, increase revenue and maximize online visibility and exposure.

Her background as a Human Resource Manager for companies like Home Depot and Sharp Electronics has made her a valuable asset to colleges and universities, where she has served on panels and given seminars on social media best practices for students, including ways they can turbocharge their job searches – and how inappropriate behavior can negatively impact their future careers.  As an inbound marketing specialist, however, Laura’s focus is on helping small businesses leverage their presence on social sites to attract more customers and increase their bottom line.