Why You Should Add Google Plus to Your Marketing Arsenal

A few days ago I wrote a blog about Facebook’s Business Page Updates.  Besides posting it on my personal blog, I submitted it to an online magazine (Business2Community) where it garnered a lot of shares.  In fact, it was featured on B2C’s home page under the heading “Popular Today.”  Cool.

Want Page 1 Google Results?

Because I was a little curious about whether that “popularity” would translate to high rank on Google, I put the phrase “Facebook Announces Business Page Updates” in the Google search box.  I thought the B2C article or my blog post might end up near the top, even though this announcement was very well covered in many Social Media Blogs, Magazines and other media.

When the results were revealed, I have to say I was surprised to see that the article was displayed three times – in position 5, 6 and 7 on page 1 of the Google Results Page. In fact, after the articles from Facebook, itself, it was #1.  But it wasn’t our blog or the magazine article that appeared first.  It was the Google Plus article.  In fact, the results showed my Google Plus Post first, and then my business partner’s post.  (I didn’t even know she had shared it on Google Plus!)  The Business2Community article was next (not shown in image.)googlepage

Another Page 1 Result

When I checked the key words for another of our articles, it also came up on Page 1.  Our Google Plus Post was under Business2community this time, but we had changed the title on the Google Plus post, so even without a direct word match, Google still found the article.


The Rumors of my Death…

The rumors of the demise of Google Plus still persist, but according to July 2015 post by Bradley Horowitz, responsible for “Streams, Photos and Sharing” team, “Relieved of the notion of integrating with every other product at Google, Google+ can now focus on doing what it’s already doing quite well: helping millions of users around the world connect around the interest they love.”

This is good news for bloggers (or anyone who posts good information for their followers).  It only takes a few seconds to hit the “share” button to add interesting articles to Google Plus.  While our Company Google Plus Page does not have a lot of followers, it does seem to give us a boost when it comes to how visible our blog posts are in Google Searches.  If you haven’t “claimed” your page, I suggest that you do it now – and start posting great content to it.


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