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After over a decade into the world of Social Media and business owners still have a hard time allocating funds to marketing and advertising on the Social sites.  Traditional marketing is their “go-to” and spending over $10,000 a year on postcard mailers keeps them in their marketing comfort zone.

This is a mistake.  Social Media has grown and even with all the controversy surrounding some of the sites it is still the most affordable and effective way to reach a large amount of people.

With traditional postcard marketing it is easy to see that it worked, the consumer gets the postcard in the mail on Wednesday and they call on Thursday to schedule their appointment.  While Social Media doesn’t usually show these direct results, it is providing a return on the investment. read more

March 26, 2018 / / Social Media

Most businesses understand the importance of customer service, a necessary component of a successful company.  Good customer service is typically shared with friends and family, but word about bad customer service spreads like fire and it can harm your business efforts.

These days, consumers are looking to Social Media to get assistance, in fact 42% of consumers are now using Social Media to express complaints and seek resolutions to their issues.

Additionally, people requesting assistance or sharing a complaint on Social Media expect a response from the business within 60 minutes and 32% will not wait longer than 30 minutes for a response.  It gets even more critical during the night, over weekends, or outside business hours with 52% of consumers expecting a response. (Convince and Convert) read more