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January 3, 2017 / / INFOGRAPHIC


  • Use Social Networks that work.
  • Be Consistent with updates and activity.
  • Listen to what your audience and customers have to say.
  • Consistently brand your business across all platforms.
  • Know who your target audience and customers are.
  • Stay ahead of your competition.
  • Be visible across all platforms.
  • Provide excellent and timely customer service on the platform of your customers’ choice.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Communicate a clear message.
  • Be appropriate, avoid religion and politics and anything else that will showcase your business in a bad light.
  • Always be reliable.
  • Establish trust and grow a loyal following.
  • Run a quality advertising campaign every day.
  • Set and track goals.
  • Write and publish a blog to your website weekly.
  • Send weekly newsletter emails.
  • Track your success.
  • Work your plan.
  • Define your strategy.
  • Measure your results.
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    November 21, 2015 / / Advertising

    In 2014 Black Friday set new US online sales records and generated $2.4 billion.  This year it is predicted that online sales will reach $2.7 billion and total sales from all holiday shopping will exceed $885 billion.

    If you are a business that sells products or services that would make a great gift you need to take advantage of the holiday season.    You may also want to trade in your print ads for Social Media Advertising.

    Ecommerce sites typically rely on traditional online strategies to communicate offers, however with 47% of consumers stating that the internet is their favorite shopping destination  it may be time to update your online visibility and start communicating sales and offers via Social Media. read more

    Facebook provides measurement tracking in the “Insights” section of your Business Page and every week Facebook emails the Daily Tracking for the week.  These statistics are helpful, but unless you continually track the data and not just the snapshot of the data the day you look at the statistics it really does not mean much.

    There will be days when no one visits your Page, days when no one comments.

    Compare it to a Yellow Pages ad in the printed book, your ad is printed and located in the section for your industry, however consumers are not looking at the Yellow Pages every day.  If there was a way to track Yellow Pages views the arrows would most likely point down for the majority of the weeks.  Consumers crack open a Yellow Pages when they need a service.  Facebook has your Business Page and all information up 24/7, post to that page weekly and your business is being seen on a weekly basis not just when someone needs what you do.  Whether or not people are clicking on your Page or Commenting on your posts, they see you and know you are there. read more