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December 18, 2015 / / Pinterest

This week Pinterest hit 1 million businesses on Pinterest.  Proving the Social Network is a viable place for many to do business.  In order to be appealing for businesses to use the platform, Pinterest has been adding features for businesses.

Back in June Pinterest started rolling out Buyable Pins.  Allowing mobile users to purchase items on Pinterest without leaving the Pinterest App.

Pins with a blue “Buy It” button meant that the item could be purchased.  The blue price filter allowed users to find specific items for purchase. read more

April 15, 2015 / / Pinterest

Launched into the Social world in 2010, Pinterest became the fastest growing Social Network at the time.  Today Pinterest has maintained its popularity and is at the top of the Social Network hierarchy.

At last count, Pinterest has over 70 million users and has become an important tool in Social Media Marketing.

Pinterest relies on visual content to grab users’ interest. A virtual bulletin board that allows users to discover recipes, plan a wedding, plan a baby shower, decorate a home and so much more. read more

June 25, 2014 / / Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests. People create and share collections (called “boards”) of visual bookmarks (called “Pins”) that they use to do things like plan trips and projects, organize events or save articles and recipes. (Wikipedia) Pinterest has become an important piece of a Business’ marketing strategy. The reason many businesses use Pinterest is the opportunity to drive traffic to a website.  In addition to website traffic Pinterest is another platform that provides brand recognition and exposure.  If you aren’t convinced you need a Pinterest Campaign for your business see Pinterest and Why it is Important to Business. A couple important statistics to note about marketing success with Pinterest: read more