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Generation Z is the demographic group born in the mid-1990s to mid-2000s.  This places some Gen Z’s around 25 years old.  The next group of consumers for your business.

Generation Z’s have grown up on the internet and are extremely comfortable with technology and Social Media. (Wikipedia)  If your business does not have a strong Social Media Marketing strategy they will swipe their way past your information to a competitor that has a strong strategy.

Generation Z has a very high expectation from brands and businesses.  They also make quick decisions when deciding on web sites, Social updates, blog posts, emails, etc. read more

June 15, 2016 / / Facebook

One of the most underutilized feature Facebook offers for businesses are Dark Posts (or unpublished posts.)

This tool was rolled out over 3 years ago and is one of the most underutilized features that Facebook has to offer for advertising purposes.

But, what exactly is a dark post?  “Facebook dark posts are News Feed style ads that don’t publish to your Timeline or in your fans’ feeds organically. A dark post doesn’t have to just be a status update; currently, Facebook supports status updates, photos, videos, links or an Offer.” (Source) read more