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April 22, 2015 / / Facebook

I was recently asked to give a training session to a large group of business owners on using Facebook to market and advertise. Five years ago I stood in front of the same group and gave training on the importance of Social Media to market and advertise.

The coordinator said they were interested in having me come back because they needed the training again and that Facebook was a great “free place” to market.

Unfortunately, Facebook is no longer “free.”  Sure, five years ago it was a great tool to use because businesses could reach a large audience for nothing, just post an update and move on with their day.  Flashing forward to 2015, Facebook has become a serious tool, and like any serious marketing and advertising platform, if it is to work correctly it will cost money. read more

February 4, 2015 / / Facebook

With 86% of adults using the internet and 77% of them on Facebook, Facebook is quickly becoming an important place to spend advertising dollars.  Over 1 billion people visit the site monthly and many turn to the site to determine what to purchase. Facebook advertising is not only less costly than most other advertising outlets, it reaches more people.  The demise of local papers is shrinking opportunities to run ads in local newspapers.  Mailers often end up in the recycler before they are even open.  In fact, a recent survey found that the average Facebook user spends over 40 minutes a day on Facebook and only 17 minutes reading their snail mail.  Add to that the fact that online advertising reaches an average of 38% of its audience while Facebook Ads reach an average of 89% of its audience. (Facebook for Advertising) read more

Need a few reasons to take advantage of marketing and advertising on Social Media this holiday season?  Your competition will be taking full advantage of Social Media avenues to push sales and drive traffic to their website while consumers will be influenced online to make purchases more than years past.  You should be taking advantage of this joyous season to reach those consumers and beat your competition.

Here are 10 reasons you need to be using Social Media to market, advertise and run promotions and specials this Holiday Season: read more

Some companies that didn’t balk at paying thousands for Yellow Page ads, television and radio commercials, newspaper and magazine ads and other forms of traditional advertising seem reluctant to allocate funds in their budgets to Social Media Marketing.

While most business people understand that traditional marketing strategies no longer work as well as they did, many are reluctant to embrace Social Media Marketing as a real thing.  Change can be difficult and a little frightening.

Even business owners who understand that the rules are changing and that people today want to interact with companies on Social Media sites are still not convinced that they should spend their money there. After all, they have been told that Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are free.  And there are still marketing consultants who assure these business owners that they can and should be active on the sites themselves. read more

September 12, 2013 / / Blogging

A couple of years ago we were contacted by a local dog walker.  She was a one-woman operation and spent her days driving to the houses of her clients, caring for their pets.  She had already spent over $1,000 for her website, but her designer had told her up front, “I don’t do SEO.”

Her answer was to hire an SEO company. This company charged her $2,000 a month. They sent her website analytics and made suggestions, including that she have her website optimized for search engines and get on Social sites. read more