It’s Social Spring Cleaning Time

Hopefully your taxes are done (or will be off your “to-do” list very soon,) the weather is warming up, days are getting longer, and Spring has sprung.  It’s time to do a bit of Spring cleaning, but while you are cleaning out closets and vacuuming under the sofa, stop and take a moment to give your Social Media business accounts a good cleaning too.

It’s a new season, a new quarter and it’s time to assess your business specials, any changes in services, etc.


Update Cover Photo – The cover photo is the first thing visitors to your Page see, it’s time to give it a refresh.  Update the photo or add a video, business Pages have the ability to post a Facebook Cover video.  This will really give your Page a new look.

Update Pinned Post – Even though the pinned post at the top of your Page feed may still be relevant, it is a good time to repost the update with a new image or new verbiage.  If your business has any new specials, offers, or services make sure to reflect these changes in the pinned post.

Reorder Tab Section – Assess the tabs you currently have on your Page and rearrange them based on importance.  Perhaps you have an event coming up, place this at the top; or maybe you have a new offer for your seasonal business, it’s time to push that to the front of the line.  It’s also a good time to refresh the content in those tabs, mix-up the services section, add new images, post an offer if you don’t have one, etc.

Revise About Us Section – The About Us section now features prominently on Business Pages.  Make sure the information listed, service explanation, etc. is all up-to-date.  Update the image for a fresh look.  Make sure any links to your website are working.

Edit Company Information – Take a moment to make sure all your other information in this section is correct.  Verify address and map location, make sure the phone number is still correct, and update any links to your website or other Social sites is accurate.


Update Bio – This is the place users will know who you are and what you do.  Make sure the section has updated information, the URL and links are all working, add any keywords and hashtags that may pertain and remove those that don’t.

Change Pinned Tweet – Same as with Facebook, even though the pinned Tweet at the top of your Profile may still be relevant, it is a good time to repost the update with a new image or new verbiage.  If your business has any new specials, offers, or services make sure to reflect these changes in the pinned Tweet.

Refresh Cover Image – The cover photo is the first thing visitors to your Profile see, it’s time to give it a refresh.  Make sure you have the right size image and it isn’t blurry or pixelated.

Implement Twitter Lists – Twitter lists help organize the plethora of information in the main feed.  Create lists that organize your customers, colleagues, industry leaders, and community partners for easy access to information.


Refresh Bio Link – The link in your Instagram bio is the only area where you can put a clickable link to a website/blog.   Make sure the link directs users to a relevant location. Update the link to send people to a specific landing page, video, blog post, etc.  It should be a call-to-action for users to delve further into your services.

Clear the Clutter – The Instagram feed should be aesthetically pleasing.  It should highlight your business at its best.  Delete any old photos that don’t make sense or don’t fit with the story you are trying to tell about your business.

Edit Older Posts – Update keywords on old photos, change up the wording, tag other accounts, this will potentially get new and more engagement on these posts.


Refresh Headline – The headline on your profile is a very important piece.  This is a quick snippet of what people see when they get a request from you.  Make sure it displays what it is that you do and why you are the person they need to know.

Edit Summary – Give your summary a quick overhaul, this is the place people learn about you.  Make it readable, personable, approachable.  Regarding your work, focus on the impact and benefits of what YOU do, not the features of your services.

Clear Out Group List – Go through your Groups and verify that the groups you are still in are relevant to your current situation.  If there are any Groups you don’t see a fit with and don’t anticipate participating in, then leave those groups.  Do a quick search to find any new Groups that may pertain to your industry or interests.

Tidy Up Your Inbox – Go through all the messages you have received and delete any you no longer need.  Make sure there are no messages you missed that need to be addressed and dump the messages that are not of interest.  (This task would go faster if done monthly.)


Laura Donovan Written by:

For nearly 10 years I have been helping businesses of all types use the power of social networks to achieve their marketing and sales goals. As a Social Media Director, Content Manager and Digital Media Marketer I have used a variety of platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. I focus on developing and executing a strategy that best fits each client while measuring and monitoring analytics and metrics to ensure benchmarks are met, researching industry trends as well as social influencers, working toward achieving SEO and branding through the appropriate social platforms, blogging, paid acquisition and email. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, experience with management, customer service, creativity and vision with strong analytic skills. I understand the platforms and their differences and know how to help a business succeed on Social Media and keep current on social marketing trends and best practices. I have enjoyed working with many different companies including Sharp Electronics, Mary Kay, Inc., Re/Max, Nationwide Insurance, State Farm, Northern Insurance and many more across the country. See more about the services my company offers at and connect with me: @LauraDonovan or @TheWordPro on Twitter, @TheWordPro on Instagram and like my Facebook Page at /TheWordPro Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!