Q2 Results Show Facebook Advertising is Even More Affordable and Effective

For the past several months we have been writing blogs, sending emails and contacting businesses to explain the importance of advertising on Facebook.  All of our top clients advertise every single day on the site and see positive results.

In the early days of Facebook the ads weren’t very effective.  They were cheap, but did not generate much in terms of results beyond just being seen on the site.  However, in the past few months ads have seen an increase in views without much of an increase in cost.

Facebook just announced second quarter numbers for 2016.  Ad spend is up on the site by 63%, $6.24 billion.  There are a lot more ads on Facebook than there were last quarter.  Thus, Facebook is now showing a lot more ads to users (and non-users.)

Facebook’s ad impressions (the number of times an ad is seen) have also increased and are up 49% this past quarter.  As of right now the price per ad is only up 9%, keeping the ads very affordable for how many views they potentially can receive.

Our local service clients see upwards of 200,000 ad impressions a month, have a couple thousand visits to their websites and have increased sales and spend around $10 to $20 a day.  A very affordable option to reach thousands of people very day.

If you have tried to run these ads on your own and gave up because you didn’t see results, you aren’t doing it right.  If you don’t think your business would benefit from this type of advertising it’s time to reassess.

Additionally, Facebook ads are not just shown on Facebook to Facebook users.  Facebook ads are now seen on other websites and also show to non-Facebook users.  Expanding the scope of the audience even further.  Ads can also be run on Instagram simultaneously, reaching another audience entirely.

However, one of the main reasons, one of the most important reasons you need to advertise on Facebook is that your competitors are likely running ads.  Chances are your potential customers and current customers are seeing ads for your competitors’ services/products.  If you aren’t running ads, you aren’t being seen and this audience will likely choose the services of your competition, so you are basically giving your business away to your competitors.

Your business should be running ads every day on Facebook, with a proper strategy by someone who knows what they are doing, ongoing, without a break.  Daily ads will provide your business:

  • Online visibility of hundreds/thousands/tens-of-thousands of people a day.
  • Introduction of your services/products to a new audience of potential leads/customers.
  • Maintaining customer retention by staying in front of current customers.
  • Generating leads and referrals.
  • Stopping the competition from dominating ad space.

Businesses who still do not have a formal Social Media Marketing and Advertising strategy will soon be left behind and will be left behind quickly.  With over 1.7 billion people using the site, ad impressions increasing, ad spend low and ads being show to non-Facebook users it is pretty clear that this is now crucial to a business’ future growth and earnings.

Laura Donovan Written by:

For nearly 10 years I have been helping businesses of all types use the power of social networks to achieve their marketing and sales goals. As a Social Media Director, Content Manager and Digital Media Marketer I have used a variety of platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. I focus on developing and executing a strategy that best fits each client while measuring and monitoring analytics and metrics to ensure benchmarks are met, researching industry trends as well as social influencers, working toward achieving SEO and branding through the appropriate social platforms, blogging, paid acquisition and email. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, experience with management, customer service, creativity and vision with strong analytic skills. I understand the platforms and their differences and know how to help a business succeed on Social Media and keep current on social marketing trends and best practices. I have enjoyed working with many different companies including Sharp Electronics, Mary Kay, Inc., Re/Max, Nationwide Insurance, State Farm, Northern Insurance and many more across the country. See more about the services my company offers at http://www.socialmediamarketing-help.com and connect with me: @LauraDonovan or @TheWordPro on Twitter, @TheWordPro on Instagram and like my Facebook Page at /TheWordPro Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!