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Here at The Word Pro we speak to people, give presentations, and train businesses on Facebook and Social Media Marketing.  Facebook Ads were always the part of our discussion where we gave the “by the book” answer on what they were and how they worked.  We have had clients ask about doing an Ad, but no one ever jumped in and did one.

I decided to give Facebook Ads a try.  While the main hat I wear is as the Director of Social Network Marketing for my business, The Word Pro, I also have a hobby of making jewelry and sell it on the side.  As I have an autistic child I decided to always give a portion of my earnings from jewelry sales to an autism foundation and making and selling jewelry is not going to feed my family. read more


May 6, 2011 Plainfield, IL…….The Word Pro will be conducting a Facebook Marketing Workshop in Plainfield.

You know you should be using Facebook for marketing.  But even after hearing about how to do it, going to the seminars and webinars, you are still not sure exactly what to do … what to post … how to take full advantage of this powerful marketing opportunity.

We are teaching a hands-on class complete with the tips and tricks you can use to leverage your time on Facebook to get the most out of it.  Learn the ins and outs of the Business Page and how to conduct an effective marketing campaign, when and how to use Facebook Ads, AND comply with Facebook’s rules. read more

My business partner and I attend many networking functions and are often asked to speak about Social Media Marketing.  The number one question we are always asked is, “why do I need to put my business on Facebook”, usually followed by “Don’t tell me it’s because it’s where my customers are!”

Here are a few reasons your business would benefit from a presence on Facebook.

5.    In the near future we will no longer search for products and services they will find us via social media. read more

I joined a Business Page last week; it is a local company whose services I would have been interesting in using and have Friends who would potentially be interested in using them as well.

Not much was going on with the Page.  However, on Saturday morning I logged on to my Facebook Account and my entire News Feed was filled with posts from this business.  Most of the posts were irrelevant and provided no real useful information, a few of the posts were somewhat informative, but there were so many posts I did not take the time to weed through them.  read more

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As a business owner hiring someone to handle your marketing on the various Social Networks and choosing the right consultant to represent your business can be a daunting task.  There are numerous  companies to choose from in the Chicago area.

When considering a particular person or company to represent you on the Social Networks you really need someone who understands Social Media and how it works, in addition to understanding your business.  Here are a few tips to see what Social Media Marketer would be the right fit. read more

QR Code, or Quick Response Code is a 2-dimensional matrix barcode that is readable with a Smartphone reader, available in any of the App stores (Droid or iOS).  The code is a grouping of modules arranged in a square pattern, any information can be embedded in the code and when read by the App it opens on the phone supplying the reader information or direction to a website.

QR Codes were initially used to tracks stock in vehicle manufacturing and are now being used on a larger scale including commercial tracking applications.  Realtors began using QR Codes in advertising and on sale signs and paperwork, directing potential buyers to a website with the complete home listing.  read more

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Everyone knows Social Media is where they need to be to promote just about anything.  There are many sites to choose from, but the most popular and largest of all is Facebook.  Facebook is free, has the largest number of users and is, it seems, everywhere.

These days you can’t turn on the TV, read the paper, read a magazine, open a bag of chips without seeing the Facebook  logo–Find us on Facebook, Be our Friend on Facebook, enter our contest on Facebook….that little “F” logo is everywhere.  read more

So, you have decided to jump into Social Network Marketing, good choice.  With over 500 million people on Facebook and 30 billion pieces of content (web links, photos, blogs, etc.) being shared monthly (Facebook) it is a powerful marketing tool to use. But where do you begin?

Create a Business Page, post your Logo and post updates, that is it, you are done right – unfortunately no, there is actually is a lot more that goes into it.

The newest position at most large companies is a dedicated Social Network Marketer.  Large companies and their marketing departments are understanding they must have a dedicated Social Media person, someone to handle only the Social Media sites, launching campaigns, engaging with customers, measuring the success of the sites and providing interesting and informative information to post in order to keep Friends and Followers of their sites is just the tip of the iceberg. read more