Marketing on Instagram – 6 Ideas for Content to get You Started

While Instagram isn’t my “go-to” for marketing, it can be beneficial to a Marketing Strategy.  I personally love the freedom and creativity we can display for our clients with Instagram.  It makes marketing fun and interesting.

Recently, it was announced that Instagram had better engagement (likes) and content sharing than Facebook.  Engagement with businesses on Instagram are 10 times higher than on Facebook.  While I don’t recommend using Instagram exclusively for a Marketing Strategy it can be a great tool to add to your marketing arsenal.

Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users with over 300 million daily users.  Over 95 million photos and videos are shared every day and the site generates 4.2 billion likes a day.

If you are ready to get started with Instagram, but maybe your products aren’t very visually appealing or you just aren’t sure what to post here are 6 ideas for content you can use to make Instagram a breeze.


Pull the curtain back and let the world see your operation.  Showcase your employees or your customers.  Give a tour of your workplace and show action shots of your employees working hard.  This allows your consumers to see the wheels turning and lets them feel “part of the action.”


Get your customers involved by inviting them to share their photos of your products.  Create a hashtag for content submissions and have them tag your account in their photos.  This creates influencer marketing for your brand.  It isn’t just your business touting your products it is actual consumers who want to share their positive experiences with their friends and, more importantly, your followers.


This is my favorite part of Instagram.  I am always hunting for compelling images to snap or share.  Something that is visually appealing or a photo that people can connect with usually generates great engagement for our clients.

Two of my favorites were this photo of tulips in my yard popping through the ground after it snowed.


And this…

Happy Halloween freaks #?#? #halloween

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The bottom-line here is to have fun with it.  Snap a photo of your dog or a crazy sunset and post it!


Did you know there is pretty much a national “day” for everything?  National Dog Day, National Pancake Day, National Ice Cream Day, National Napping Day?  These are great hashtags to jump into Instagram with by just featuring the items of the day.


Happy National Pancake Day! ????☕️ #pancakes #nationalpancakeday #breakfastfordinner #trmillerheatingandcooling #instadaily

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Other daily hashtags include #FlashbackFriday or #TBT – Throwback Thursday, where users post photos from long ago.  Not to mention posting holiday photos for the big holidays throughout the year with a hashtag.  Using this content makes it very easy to jump into Instagram.


Who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up now and then?  There are some great apps that can help you create some inspirational quotes with lovely photo backgrounds that you can post to your Instagram account.

It’s cold out there! #staywarm #staywarmmyfriends #trmiller #trmillerheating #❄️ #furnace #??

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In addition to uplifting quotes, featuring quotes from industry leaders, reviews from your customers, sales information, event information, recipes, etc. are also great text-based images you can post.

Last, but not least:


Obviously, photos of your products are good to post.  You want people to know what you sell or what you do.  The key here is not to only focus on your products and not treat Instagram as a billboard for direct sales.

With these post ideas, it is important to include hashtags relating to what you are posting, as well as related to your business.  We use our clients’ names and taglines as hashtags in every post (i.e. #thewordpro and #socialmediamarketing ) we make on Instagram.  Finally, always include emojis ????☕️  in your updates.  Emojis generate great engagement for image posts.

The key to Instagram is to have fun.  Interact with your followers and get your business out there!

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