If Your Marketing Plan Isn’t Working, You Might Be Doing It Wrong

Several years ago my husband and I bought some patio furniture.  When it came, we realized it had to be assembled.  My husband told me to go shopping and that he would have the set built when I got back.  When I did get back, I found him wielding his drill.  “The holes for the (blank) chair are not drilled correctly. Nothing fits!”  I took a quick look at the instructions (still safely in the box) and told him that I thought he was trying to install the arms from the chair onto the chaise lounge. They were definitely different.  He did not appreciate my interference. But he looked again, and put the right arms with the right pieces and Voila, we had our patio set. No drilling required!

I often think of that when I’m dealing with clients, who tell me that “I’ve tried it, but Social Media Marketing doesn’t work for my business.”

If it isn’t working, you might be doing it wrong!

Most business owners have heard that they should be using platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube  and LinkedIn to promote their businesses. They know that they can set up an account and begin to market to a huge audience.  Hiring a dedicated Social Media Manager may seem frivolous at first. After all, the sites are easy to use and free.  How hard could it be?

Granted, opening accounts is pretty easy. But when the pages open, the first things that show up are the little boxes asking you to post something.  That’s when easy ends.

What should you post?  How will you get “friends,” “followers,” “likes” and “links”?  And even if you manage to get people on your page, what will you do to get them to come back?  And how will you convert them to customers?

Why does Social Media Marketing continue to dominate the marketing landscape?  Because it is the way people (customers) have chosen to interact with brands. Buying decisions are routinely made based on the content on social sites – reviews, recommendations, articles, etc. Many business owners are just beginning to understand that.  However, anyone wishing to use this type of marketing effectively must also understand the Social Platforms well enough to know which should be used for which business. Once the platforms are chosen,  the rules, best practices and effective strategies for each of the sites must be learned and implemented.

The good news is that there is an enormous body of published information about the effective use of Social Media platforms for marketing, including blogs, articles, videos and even classes.  The bad news is that all of this takes time. Each business owner must decide whether to invest the time not only to learn the current best practices, but to continue to keep up with the many changes in each of the platforms and new strategies that continually emerge.

Jumping in without reading and understanding the instructions can lead to disaster – or at least a lot of wasted time.

There are no shortcuts, and hiring a marketer who writes the instructions (aka blogs,  articles and classes) might be the best approach for the busy business owner.

Laura M. Donovan Written by:

Laura Donovan is President of The Word Pro, a nationally recognized, award winning Digital Media Marketing Firm. She is a graduate of North Central College with a degree in Organizational Communications, a discipline that has proved valuable in her Social Media endeavors. Laura been managing Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. since 2009. I have helped hundreds of small-to-medium-sized businesses, in a variety of industries, across the U.S. with Digital and Social Media Marketing and Advertising. At The Word Pro, Inc. you get one-on-one service that is customized to your business goals and specific needs. From the first conversation we have, I help to build your digital and social media solutions that are affordable and effective. I have provided training sessions, conducted seminars and webinars, and manage the entire process so all you need to do is run your business, my team and I take care of the rest!