Facebook Creates a “Youth Portal” for Teens

Facebook doesn’t seem to care about the studies that show teens are leaving Facebook.

Earlier this week, Facebook introduced its Youth Portal.

Empowering Youth

Welcome to our Youth Portal. Consider this your guide to all things Facebook: general tips, insider tricks, privacy and safety information, and everything else you need to have a great experience on Facebook. It’s also a space for you to hear from people your age, in their own voices, about the issues that matter to them online.

Take a look around — these resources were made specifically for you, your friends, and your real-life experiences online and off.

According to a Newsroom post by Antigone Davis, Global Head of Safety and Karuna Nain, Global Policy Programs Manager, the Youth Portal is a central place for teens that includes:

  • Information on how to get the most out of Pages, Groups, Events, and Profiles while staying safe.
  • Information on the types of data Facebook Collects and how they use it.
  • First person accounts from other teens around the world and how they use technology in new and creative ways.
  • Tips on security, reporting content, and privacy settings.
  • Advice on taking a Social Media break.
  • Guidelines for how to get the most out of the internet.

Get more information on the Youth Portal here.


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