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April 19, 2013 / / Digital Media

The latest round-up of statistics regarding Social and Online use as found by eMarketer show Facebook still dominates.

  • 83% of US Internet Users spend their time on Facebook
  • 1.4% of US Internet Users spend their time on LinkedIn
  • 1.7% of US Internet Users spend their time on Twitter
  • 1.9% of US Internet Users spend their time on Pinterest

Regarding purchasing and finding items to purchase, SheSpeaks and marketing firm Lippe Taylor surveyed over 2,000 US Female Internet Users in March 2013 and found:

  • 89% of Female Internet Users browse for products online
  • 6% of Female Internet Users browse in-store
  • 5% of Female Internet Users ask friends and family for recommendations

As for how businesses are budgeting their marketing and advertising dollars, Go-Gulf found companies are spending the most on Facebook.  The average breakdown of a Social Media Budget for business is:

  • Facebook            57%
  • YouTube             13%
  • Twitter                13%
  • Pinterest             2%
  • Other                   15%

Go-Gulf also broke down the reasons companies market with Social Media and found that: read more

April 16, 2013 / / Content creation

In the “olden” days of Social Media (back in 2007) most of the literature encouraged business owners to become personally involved. After all, it was social media. Seminars, webinars and workshops taught people how to use the social sites themselves. Engagement needed to be personal and immediate.  This was a new type of marketing that allowed people to interact personally with a company.

However, as sites like Facebook and Twitter grew to the millions and hundreds of millions of users, the “noise” on the sites became overwhelming. In order to reach a target audience, it was necessary not only to post things that would be “liked,” “shared,” and “commented upon,” it was also necessary to post regularly and consistently. Interesting, informational, funny and original content was the currency of this new medium. Third party apps and ads were being developed with steeper learning curves. It became important to have engaging Facebook cover photos and Twitter backgrounds. Many business owners simply did not have the time or talent to keep up.  Some of them never really understood the concept of posting anything but advertising messages. Some business owners abandoned their pages altogether. read more

March 6, 2013 / / Facebook

While Bing is taking Google on directly, Facebook has its own plans to further erode Google’s strangle hold on search marketing.  Graph Search only searches for content within Facebook, but with its 1 billion users, Facebook has a very wide and deep pool of data to access.  This new feature will deliver results from everything a Facebook user has done on the site – from activities and photos to (pay attention, businesses) Page connections.   What this means for businesses is that searching Facebook for products and services will deliver the businesses “liked” or even mentioned by one’s friends – and this could amount to a personal referral. read more

April 18, 2011 / / Facebook

Everyone knows Social Media is where they need to be to promote just about anything.  There are many sites to choose from, but the most popular and largest of all is Facebook.  Facebook is free, has the largest number of users and is, it seems, everywhere.

These days you can’t turn on the TV, read the paper, read a magazine, open a bag of chips without seeing the Facebook  logo–Find us on Facebook, Be our Friend on Facebook, enter our contest on Facebook….that little “F” logo is everywhere.  read more