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October 25, 2015 / / Digital Marketing

Consider that many business owners and marketing managers are over 40.  If they graduated college around 1990, they were educated in a world without websites. (The first commercial website was published in 1990; by the end of 1991 there were 10.)  While the first cell phone went on sale in the U.S. in 1983, it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that phones were capable of Internet access.  In 1990 Mark Zuckerberg was 6 years old.  The digital revolution was just beginning.  Is it any wonder that many business owners and marketing managers are struggling to keep up? read more

August 14, 2015 / / Digital Media

Domo, a business management platform, has compiled three infographics showing how quickly data multiplies.

For the past three years they have compiled the data to show how much content is generated in one minute.  The results are astonishing.

  • Facebook Users Like 4,166,667 posts each minute
  • Twitter Users send 347,222 Tweets each minute
  • Tinder Users swipe 590,278 times each minute

If you want to stay relevant in the Social world you must constantly be creating new and fresh content.  If you want to keep current with trending topics and information you need to be plugged in at all times and plugged in everywhere!

It is exhausting.

Picture8 read more

May 13, 2015 / / Advertising

When our company began publishing websites, there were only about 1 million web pages on the internet – sounded like a lot then. But not when you consider that today there are over 47 billion published web pages. It is easy to see why getting found online is not as easy as it once was.

But that is only half the story. Customers have changed – or at least their buying habits have.  There was a time when people walked into a store or called a service provider, expecting them to provide the answers to their problems.  Today, by the time any contact is made, most consumers have already done at least some research online.  They may have looked at a few websites, read a few blogs, followed a company on Facebook or Twitter, or (for business to business people) made some connections on LinkedIn. Today we truly are dealing with an educated consumer. read more

December 10, 2014 / / Digital Media

Big Data includes everything that makes it to the Internet.  Structured data stored in databases is there, but so is unstructured data, including text messages, Tweets, Facebook status updates, items you have purchased on line – or even added to your shopping cart.  As more things get connected to the “grid” via the internet (Internet of Things) those data are also available, for example, GPS coordinates from your cell phone and data your car sends to the manufacturer via OnStar or other services. read more

November 3, 2014 / / Digital Media

My mother talks about the first time she heard the word “computer.” A television show explained how this machine could do advanced calculations faster than a human being. This computer was as big as a city block. She watched the program on her family’s black and white television.

When I bought my first personal computer, it was exponentially more powerful than that early computer – it had a color display and was smaller than my mother’s television.

Today, I carry an even more powerful computer in my pocket. read more

June 20, 2014 / / Digital Media

A recent blog by a “Social Media Guru” suggests only on-line “social networking” connections with people we have actually met in person are useful when using “social media” for marketing … A news-talk anchorman tells his audience that Google should be held responsible for any false information returned on his “personal Google Page” …  A client asks me to set up email using another company’s domain name. (Although she does not own the domain name, she believes she can use it for email since she does not want to put her website there.)  …  A friend tells me that she has never read a blog, although she says that she reads a lot of “articles” in online magazines. read more

January 10, 2014 / / Content creation

I can’t quite figure out the flurry of articles and blog posts that have been posted in the last few weeks either telling us that 2014 is the “Year of Content,” or heralding its “death.”  The fact is that marketing has always been about content.  From the time the fur traders sat around the campfire at the local fort and tried to sell their pelts (and I’m sure even before that) we have tried to spin stories that helped us sell the goods and services we possessed to people who we believed could use those goods and services.  Those stories – whether told around a campfire, written on a leaflet, published in a newspaper or emblazoned on the side of peddler’s wagon – were content. read more

September 23, 2013 / / Content creation

In the “Dark Ages” before there were on-line games – even before Pac-Man – I played Monopoly.  To me, playing meant moving my little shoe around the board, landing on property, railroads, and Community Chest squares, taking Chances, paying “rent” and going to jail. I wasn’t really interested in spending my money on little squares of property, and even when I decided to buy a property, I didn’t like spending even more money on houses and hotels.   I always ended up paying all of my money to other players, never won and didn’t really like the game.  Ultimately, I convinced my friends to play games like Battleship, Clue and Twister. read more

September 10, 2013 / / Blogging

Are you still wondering why Social Media is important to a Marketing Strategy?  Are you thinking Content Marketing is just the latest buzzword?  Well, here are a few statistics that will outline how important Social Media and Content are to business and a marketing plan.INFOGRAPHIC B2C

Use this Infographic on your site, copy and paste the code below:

<a title=”The Word Pro can help you with your marketing needs!” href=”” target=”_blank”><img alt=”INFOGRAPHIC B2C” src=”” width=”742″ height=”1344″ /></a> read more

August 20, 2013 / / Blogging

Content Marketing Synergy = A Solid Website + Social Media + Content

The dictionary says that synergy is the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.

While the main ingredient in almost any marketing strategy is a Google friendly website, unless that website incorporates a blog and links to social media sites, the chances of getting found, let alone getting customers, are becoming slimmer by the day.

Today, having a Google+ page has become a key element for most companies that want to get a larger footprint on Google.  Also, active well-run Facebook and Twitter pages will bring much more traffic to a company’s website today than almost any other form of advertising. read more