Author: Laura Donovan

For nearly 10 years I have been helping businesses of all types use the power of social networks to achieve their marketing and sales goals. As a Social Media Director, Content Manager and Digital Media Marketer I have used a variety of platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. I focus on developing and executing a strategy that best fits each client while measuring and monitoring analytics and metrics to ensure benchmarks are met, researching industry trends as well as social influencers, working toward achieving SEO and branding through the appropriate social platforms, blogging, paid acquisition and email. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, experience with management, customer service, creativity and vision with strong analytic skills. I understand the platforms and their differences and know how to help a business succeed on Social Media and keep current on social marketing trends and best practices. I have enjoyed working with many different companies including Sharp Electronics, Mary Kay, Inc., Re/Max, Nationwide Insurance, State Farm, Northern Insurance and many more across the country. See more about the services my company offers at and connect with me: @LauraDonovan or @TheWordPro on Twitter, @TheWordPro on Instagram and like my Facebook Page at /TheWordPro Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!
June 11, 2019 / / Digital Marketing

Regardless of the size of your business deciding who will handle your digital marketing needs is a standard question.

Digital Marketing encompasses the Social Media, Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, SEO, blogging, generally all online related marketing.

There are benefits to having someone in-house handle your digital and social marketing needs, but overall it may be a wiser decision to outsource.

Here are 3 reasons why outsourcing makes sense.

1.    Outsourcing Makes Cents

Seriously though, outsourcing does save your business in the long run.  Hiring staff usually requires a somewhat steep salary.  The national average salary for a Digital Marketer is $60.414, and the average salary for a Digital Marketing Manger is $99,914.  Not to mention the health benefits, vacation, sick pay, unemployment insurance, workers’ comp insurance, etc. read more

May 22, 2019 / / Marketing

Simply using certain colors can boost brand recognition by 80%  (Xerox).  Choosing the right image, the right font color, and even logo color can make a difference in the success of your business.

  • Color boosts attention span and recall by up to 82%  (Xerox).
  • People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products (Impact of Color on Marketing).
  • 62 to 90% of the assessment is based on colors alone (Impact of Color on Marketing).
  • People are 80% more likely to read a piece of content depending on the color  (Xerox).
  • 90% of snap judgments that consumers make about products have to do with color (Journal of Management History).
  • 83% of consumers buy because of color.  (Color Psychology)
  • read more

    May 22, 2019 / / Video Marketing

    If content is king, then video is queen.  Video is an important piece of all marketing strategies. In fact, 60% of marketers currently use video in their marketing campaigns with 73% planning to create even more video content in the future.  (Social Media Examiner)

    Here are a few more compelling reasons to use video in your marketing plan:

  • Video is projected to make up 80%of total web traffic this year (Cisco).
  • Conversion rates are boosted by 86% when there is a video on a landing page (CrowdRiff).
  • 25% of consumers say that they don’t find a company nearly as appealing as others if they don’t have a video (Animoto).
  • Articles that contain video content reportedly get 300% more inbound links than video-less posts (KissMetrics).
  • Email with video has a possible 300% increase in click-through rates (Cisco).
  • 74% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a demo video about the product (Cisco).
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    May 21, 2019 / / Marketing

    Life moves fast these days.  Marketing must move fast and if businesses want people to take notice of their products or services.

    It’s no secret – people are visual learners and are far more likely to connect with a brand and make a purchase if the visual parts of their brains are pandered to. (Piktochart)

    Images and visual content are a requirement to effectively market socially, digitally, and even in print.

  • Images are processed in the brain 60,000 faster than text (3M).
  • People retain 65% of information if it is presented with relevant visuals (Brain Rules).
  • 80% of people skim content when reading online. And the average person only reads 28% of text on a website (Nielsen).
  • 93% of all human communication is almost non-verbal, which means that our brains prefer to perceive visual cues (DMP).
  • 65% of the human population are visual learners (Social Science Research Network).
  • People will actually spend 10% more time looking at visuals on a website than reading text (Nielsen).
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    Since the inception of Social Media Marketing many business owners think they can manage the strategy themselves and that by posting anything to their page, especially company related content, will generate good engagement and reach.  Mistakenly thinking that just keeping the page active will keep their audience interested.

    Not true!

    Adobe recently conducted a study of 1,000 consumers in the U.S. that outlines what annoys these folks most about the content businesses are sharing socially. They found that 3 out of 5 people experiencing one of the situations below would prevent them from making a purchase. read more

    May 14, 2019 / / Google

    Since pulling the plug on Google +, Google has been putting more effort and focus into providing businesses with more options to maximize their exposure through its platform.

    Google has created Google My Business and in the past year they have been adding more options to improve the ability for businesses to be discovered online.  Google My Business is particularly effective for small, local businesses.

    What is Google My Business?

    Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your Business Profile and business website on Google Search and Maps. With your Google My Business account, you can see and connect with your customers, post updates to your Business Profile, and see how customers are interacting with your business on Google. (Google) read more

    Spring has sprung and we are quickly bouncing toward Summer fun.  Now is a great time to give your Digital Marketing a good spring cleaning and get ready for the second half of the year.

    Here are 3 things you can spruce up to make the rest of 2019 great:

    1.    Tidy Up Account Profiles.

    Refresh your logo and update your profile images, taking care to make sure the images you choose are consistent across your Social and Digital profiles.

    Verify your photos are the correct size.  Each Social Site has specified image sizes that are properly formatted.  For information on the formatting and sizes see Hootsuite’s handy guide for sizing. read more

    April 23, 2019 / / LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has officially announced it is rolling out its own Reaction Buttons, giving users more ways to express themselves.

    “One of the things we regularly hear from all of you is that you want more expressive ways than a “Like” to respond to the variety posts you see in your feed. At the same time, you’ve also told us that when you post on LinkedIn, you want more ways to feel heard and understand why someone liked what you said.

    That’s why today we’re starting to roll out a set of Reactions on LinkedIn, giving you more ways to quickly and constructively communicate with one another.” (LinkedIn) read more

    April 16, 2019 / / Facebook

    Facebook announced today, they are working to make advertising on the platform easier and more successful for all businesses.  Thus, they are updating their core business tools, Ads Manager and Business Manager.

    The changes will rollout through the year “to help businesses quickly create, manage and analyze ad campaigns.” (Facebook)

    Ads Manager Updates

    • New features within the Ads Manager will include:
    • Streamlined Navigation
    • Integrated Search Bar and Filter Bar
    • Nested Campaign View

    The campaign creation tools will also be updated with a new copy and paste function that will offer more flexibility when creating and building ads.  There will also be an auto-naming feature that will make it quicker for businesses to customize campaigns, ad sets, and ad names. read more

    April 15, 2019 / / LinkedIn

    LinkedIn has been doing a bit of renovation work on their Advertising Platform.  They are in the process of a bit of spring cleaning and refreshing the Ads for 2019.

    Here are the four new features they have rolled out so far:

    Lookalike Audiences

    “LinkedIn’s lookalike audiences combine the traits of your ideal customer with our rich member and company data to help you market to new professional audiences similar to your existing customers, website visitors and target accounts. Since these members are already on LinkedIn, they’re in the right professional mindset to engage and respond to your brand.” (LinkedIn) read more