2016 Politics and Game of Thrones – The Startling Similarities

The Donald Trump

Little Finger, surrounds himself with pretty women, gets rid of a wives with a slight push (like through a giant hole at the top of a mountain), “thinks” he has complete control over the Knights of the Vale, you think no way could he EVER gain control, but then he seems to win in every situation, but no, but maybe, OH GOD NO!



Hillary Clinton

Daenerys, has the power of the party behind her, the ship fleet – er delegates, quickly burns out any whisper of consipiracy, but you could see how she can win

Bernie Sanders

The High Sparrow, truly wants what is right and decent, but just doesn’t go about it very well…and thinks he has way more power than he really does.



Paul Ryan

Jamie Lannister, has really bad ideas about how it all should work. Will do anything – ANYTHING he is told.



Elizabeth Warren

Sansa – knows what is right, says what is right, does what is right and no one takes her too seriously




The entire GOP Congress & Senate

Bron, tell him what to do to stop anything productive. And sure, no problem.



The Democrats

Ghost, because WHERE did he go???  He seems to be nowhere to be found!

Sarah Paliin

Cersei – thinks she has WAY more power and influence than she actually does.  People really don’t like her


The North

Winterfell – because the North really does remember, doesn’t forget – the segregation, the discrimination, the nonsense-ry of the South


President Obama

Jon Snow – no matter what he does, no matter what good comes of anything people still say he is a bastard #cantcatchabreak


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